"TALE IS UNIQUE. During the past couple of decades he has continuously demonstrated his skill at original
       and superb interpretation displaying the passion of one that is in love, and the style of a virtuoso" - a comment
       by Gjoko Georgiev on LP 1439 RTB, produced in 1979.

The LP record "Macedonian folk dances played by Tale Ognenovski" ("Makedonski igraorni ora sviri Tale Ognenovski") reference number LP 1439 STEREO was produced by Radio Television Belgrade in Belgrade in 1979. On the back cover of this record Gjoko Georgiev, the well-known editor of music for Radio Television Skopje, wrote this article entitled "TALE IS UNIQUE" in Macedonian:

"This record allows you to hear the unique, famous, music personality, the solo clarinetist Tale Ognenovski. When hearing the music, you will feel exhilarating folklore all around you, of the sunny, sad and bright legend of the south being transferred into music. These days Tale is a recognised poet and interpreter of Macedonian folk dances and songs. He will live on in the Macedonian folk dances contained on this record. During the last couple of decades he has continuously demonstrated his skill at original and superb interpretation, displaying the passion of one that is in love, and the style of a virtuoso. But he has taken this further, by managing to combine both classical and folk music in the same performance, while keeping their particular styles separate. He demonstrated this while performing Ernesto Cavallini’s Concert "FIORI ROSSINIANI", Weber’s Concert in ef-mol and Mozart’s Concert in A Major accompanied by Ladislav Palfi on the piano and broadcast on Radio Television Skopje. He has performed many times in public and played jazz styles based on music by Yugoslav composers, Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw...

In this particular area of music, we learn that Tale Ognenovski first began to play the clarinet in Brusnik near Bitola; he then drifted through the Pelagonia plane, crossed over the Vardar and toured throughout Macedonia, thence throughout America, Canada and many European countries. As he grew so he enlightened audiences and became wealthy, never again to possess the hands of a poor village boy from the mountains of Pelister. This record is only a small example of Tale’s work, but enough to make you aware of his strength and talent

LP record LP1439 STEREO RTB, Production of gramophone records Radio Television Belgrade ((Produkcija gramofonskih plocha Radio-televizije Beograd), Belgrade, Yugoslavia, 1979.

"Makedonski igraorni ora sviri Tale Ognenovski"
Pridruzhuvaat: Orkestar-CHALGII i Narodniot radio orkestar na Radio Televizija Skopje

Macedonian folk dances with Tale Ognenovski playing solo clarinet in association with: THE ‘CHALGII’ ORCHESTRA and THE SKOPJE RADIO AND TELEVISION FOLK MUSIC ORCHESTRA

Side A
1. STAROTO ORO (composer T. Ognenovski)
2. ZHENSKO KICHEVSKO ORO (composer T. Ognenovski)
3. CAPARSKO ORO (composer T. Ognenovski)
4. OROTO PILETO MI PEE (folk - arranger T. Ognenovski)
5. KAVADARSKO ORO (folk - arranger T. Ognenovski)
6. SKOPSKI CHOCHEK (composer T. Ognenovski)

Side B
1. PAJDUSHKATA (composer T. Ognenovski)
2. STARSKO ZA RAMO (composer T. Ognenovski)
3. TALEVO SVADBARSKO ORO (composer T. Ognenovski)
4. BRUSNICHKO ORO (composer T. Ognenovski)
5. OROTO ADANA (folk - arranger T. Ognenovski)
6. PIPERKOVO ORO (composer T. Ognenovski)
This Macedonian clarinetist is an extraordinary musician” - Ilustrovana Politika “…Radio Television Belgrade issued a LP of Macedonian folk music, on which are performances by the extraordinary clarinetist Tale Ognenovski.  His music repertoire is folk dances, jazz (besides others he includes works by Benny Goodman and Artie Shaw), concerts from Weber, Mozart and Cavallini...This is Tale Ognenovski who began to play the clarinet in the village of Brusnik near Bitola, who with this wooden instrument toured the world and received well-deserved applause wherever he performed.  The names of the folk dances which Tale Ognenovski plays will not be given; this is unnecessary because this is a particularly good record that proves that this Macedonian clarinetist is an extraordinary musician”, from the magazine “Ilustrovana Politika”, under the title, “New records - Macedonian folk dances”, published in Belgrade, Serbia, Yugoslavia, 1979.

(This commentary is a message to the reader on the release of the record RTB LP 1439 STEREO).

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