Tale Ognenovski’s First Award for Clarinet as a top clarinetist at the First Republic of    Macedonia Festival of Folk Dances and Songs, 1948

“The First Award for Clarinet was received by Tale Ognenovski from Bitola.”  This comment appeared in the newspaper ‘Nova Makedonija’ published on October 13, 1948.  The report was entitled ‘Awards for folk dances and songs, solo singers and players who participated at the First Republic of Macedonia Festival of Folk Dances and Songs’.
One of the highpoints of Tale Ognenovski’s successes was his participation in a competition during the ‘Republic of Macedonia Festival of Folk Dances and Songs’ during the period 6-10 October, 1948. 453 Folk dances and songs groups competed in the festival in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia.  He was a winner, and received his First Award as the best clarinetist from Angel Saldziev, Assistant Director from the Ministry of Science and Culture in the Republic of Macedonia. The President of the commission was Zhivko Firfov, and a member of the commission was Vasil Hadzimanov.

At this folk festival Tale Ognenovski participated in playing as clarinet soloist with every folk group from the Bitola region – from the villages of Brusnik (its members were Pande Metlovski, Vasko Stankovski, Rade Talevski, Sotir Ilkovski, Tome Grozdanovski, Cane Grozdanovski, Jonche Talevski, Mile Josifovski, Milica Talevska, Vera Tasevska, Vasilka Karangelevska, Danica Drskovska, Vasa Altanovska, Kristina Palashovska, Cena Veleva, Fana Dushovska, Ljube Karangelevska and Dragica Apchevska), Lavci, Dihovo and Rotino and from the town of Bitola. In addition, Tale Ognenovski was the artistic instructor and coordinator of all the folk groups from the Bitola region. The Bitola Towns Union of cultural educated societies won the First Award for the best cultural region in the Republic of Macedonia 

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