This Macedonian clarinetist is an extraordinary musician" - Ilustrovana Politika

"...Radio Television Belgrade released a LP of Macedonian folk music, on which are performances by the extraordinary clarinetist Tale Ognenovski. His music repertoire is folk dances, jazz (besides others he includes works by Benny Goodman and Artie Shaw), concerts from Weber, Mozart and Cavallini...This is Tale Ognenovski who began to play the clarinet in the village of Brusnik near Bitola, who with this wooden instrument toured the world and received well-deserved applause wherever he performed. The names of the folk dances which Tale Ognenovski plays will not be given; this is unnecessary because this is a particularly good record that proves that this Macedonian clarinetist is an extraordinary musician", from the magazine "Ilustrovana Politika", under the title, "New records - Macedonian folk dances", published in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, 1979.
(This commentary is a message to the reader on the release of the record RTB LP 1439 STEREO).

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